Nonprofit Board of Directors Retreats

Offered by the Organizational Mechanics

Darcy Flierl CAP, LCSW
Andrea Berry, MNM

Is your Board of Directors the turbocharged, revved up, high performance machine your organization needs to fulfill its mission?  If the answer is anything but, “YES”, than you’ll be glad to know that the Organizational Mechanics can provide the high-voltage, dynamic charge your board needs to get its motor’s running through the delivery of several board retreat options.

Why hold a retreat?

To create more functionality

To define roles

To gain renewed sense of mission, vision and passion

To plan

To make important decisions

To improve efficacy

To work through conflict or difficult dynamics

To get your board’s motor running

What we bring to the retreat?

As facilitators we bring a unique combination or knowledge of best practices and ability to work through personal issues that may be causing stumbling blocks.

Andrea Berry, MNM

Andrea has a master’s degree in nonprofit management and has been working in the nonprofit sector for 15 years. 10 of those years has been in senior management (Executive Director, Administrator and Board Member).

Darcy Flierl, CAP, LCSW

Darcy has been in the nonprofit and government sectors for over 15 years. She has a working knowledge of how organizations are structured, their needs, challenges and expectations for funding.  In addition to overseeing department budgets, fundraisers, grant writing and contract management for programs, she has been the proprietor of two independent businesses in which she developed from inception.  As a licensed therapist, Darcy is able to address difficult subjects with sensitivity and ease to overcome challenges and bring out the best in your board, and your staff.